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In Deep Calling to Deep, Dr. William Lero sets the stage for you to partner with the Holy Spirit on an inner healing journey to the depths of your heart and soul.

The only way to go deep, to get totally real with God and with yourself, is to be brave. With gentleness, Lero leads the way by guiding you into the “caves” in your heart where you have been hiding … caves of shame, fear, offense at God, doubt, and unforgiveness, among others. Living in these caves has kept you from trusting God fully, loving him freely, and just weighed you down in life.

Deep Calling to Deep reminds you that Father-God is for you—that the deep lovingkindness of God longs to connect with the deep needs of your soul to dissolve the distance between you and him so you can trust him again, or perhaps, for the first time. So you can love him without hesitation. So your relationship with God can be what you’ve wanted it to be and what he’s wanted it to be all along. You’ve been putting it off for much too long, but the time has come to go deep and to step out of the caves in triumph.

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